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Keep the conversation going

In an online lesson, we usually find that we are teaching one to one classes and the student will want to practice speaking skills over everything else. Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep a conversation going. The internet contains plenty of resources that include conversation questions for you to use in your class. Below, we have added a few topics as a starting point for you and your student. Enjoy!


What is the most useful item of technology you have?

What kind of phone do you use and why?

Why did you choose this computer?

Is the size of your phone important?

Do you think it is important to own a computer? Why?

What do you think mobile phones will look like in the future?

Why is your operating system better than the others?

How do you think technology has helped mankind?

What is the most expensive item of technology you own?

Do you read computer or technology magazines?

What do you use the internet for?

Do you think children should use the internet?

Are smartphones useful in education?

Do you think tablet pcs are becoming more popular? Why?

Do you think we will see robots in our lifetime?



Where did you go to school? Did you like it?

Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

What did your school look like?

Did you enjoy your school dinners? What did you eat?

Did you like to play sports in your school? What did you play?

Were you a member of any school clubs?

Did you study English at school?

Were you a good pupil?

Did you every get into trouble? What did you do?

Which university did you attend? Why did you choose it?

Are there any lectures that really impressed you? What was it about?

Can you describe the naughtiest student you ever met?

Do you think education is the key to a good career? Why?

How do you think education can help a society as a whole?

Do you think education should be free for everyone?



What food do you like? Why?

What is your favorite restaurant? Why?

Do you prefer to eat out or eat in? Why?

Is it important to have dinner with your family? Why?

Who cooks in your house? What kind of food do they cook?

Have you ever been on a diet? Was it successful?

Do you like to watch TV shows about food? Which ones?

What is a typical dish from your country? How do you make it?

Is there a lot of junk food in your town? Do you like it?

Do you think children should be able to eat junk food? Why?

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Do you like desserts? Which dessert do you like the most? Why?

Do you think obesity is becoming a problem throughout the world?

Have you ever complained about a dish in a restaurant? What happened?

Is the food you eat now different to the food you ate when you were a child?



What is your favorite place to shop? Why?

What was the last thing you bought?

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Have you ever bought anybody a sentimental gift? What was it?

Have you ever stolen anything from a shop? What happened?

Do you ever shop online? What kind of things do you buy?

Do you prefer to shop with a credit card or cash? Why?

Do you ever go window-shopping? How do you feel?

What is your favorite clothes shop? Why?

Is customer service important in a shop? Why?

Have you ever forgotten your change? What happened?

In your opinion, is the customer always right? Why?

Do you prefer a shop to be busy or quiet? Why?

Are you a shopaholic?

What is the worst purchase you ever made?



Where did you go on your last holiday?

Where is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? Can you describe it?

Have you ever been to England? How was it?

Do you prefer to travel by train or bus? Why?

Are you scared of flying? What do you do to feel more confident?

Where would you like to travel to next? Why?

Have you ever stayed in a five star hotel? How was it?

Have you ever stayed in hostel? When? Where? Did you like it? Why?

Have you ever been backpacking? How was it?

Would you like to stay in a caravan? Why?

Do you own a car? How did you choose it?

Do you enjoy trying food from other cultures? What was the strangest?

Have you ever had a bad situation on a holiday? What happened?

Do you prefer beach holidays or mountain holidays? Why?

Can you describe your perfect holiday?



Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

What do you like to do in your free time? Can you describe a typical free day?

How long have you had your hobby?

Is your hobby expensive? How much does it cost?

What hobby would you like to try in the future? Why?

Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? Which one?

Do you play any sports in your free time? Which sports do you play? Why?

What hobbies do you think are strange? Would you like to try them?

Do you prefer to spend time at home or outside in your free time?

Do you enjoy reading in your free time?

Do you prefer reading or watching movies? Why?

Do you share you hobby with anyone?

What hobby did you have in the past, which you don’t do now?

Is it possible to make money from your hobby?

Would you like to give up your job to do your hobby full time?


The above questions are some examples you can use with your students, but as always, remember to be sensitive to your learners and most importantly be creative! Your student will no doubt want to know all about you, just remember, at the end of the day, we are trying to get our learners to talk as much as possible, so less talk about us and more talk about our student. Good luck!

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