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Lesson Warmer: Anagrams

Here’s a great way to start a lesson, to warm your student up for the lesson ahead. Choose a 9 letter word that your students should be familiar with (e.g. Christmas, vegetable, furniture, xylophone, Wednesday). You can either type the

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IDroo User Guide: Basic Tools Part 2

Here’s a quick demonstration of IDroo’s sharing, chat and uploading tools.  

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How to use IDroo (Part 1)

IDroo is a great whiteboard for using online with your student. Here’s a quick video outlining its basic tools. Here’s a quick demonstration of IDroo’s drawing and moving tools.

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Why teach English online?

A short animation about the benefits of becoming an online English teacher.

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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

Doing a needs analysis helps you find out about what your student wants to do with English, what their language needs are and what they are interested in. Click on the link below to find an interview template. You can

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British Council Image Bank

  We like the British Council’s Image Bank lessons – simply pictures with lessons based around them. Here’s one about a remote house in Scotland for lower level students. There’s a complete lesson with resources on the British Council site

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Snack facts – recording vocab

Here’s an interesting lesson for teens and young adults about snack foods from the British Council. It aims to develop reading skills and develop new vocabulary. Snack facts – recording vocabulary.

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Keep the conversation going

In an online lesson, we usually find that we are teaching one to one classes and the student will want to practice speaking skills over everything else. Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep a conversation going. The internet

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Tense Timelines

Tense Timeline

  Explaining grammar is something that, if you are anything like us, will make you break out into a cold sweat. But it doesn’t have to be like this. First of all, grammar is best understood by seeing how it

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Kindle Book now available

The Online English Teacher

We’re delighted to be able to announce that our ebook, The Online English Teacher, is now available for Kindle devices and apps through Amazon websites around the world. and all other Amazon sites worldwide.

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Essential Toolkit

What are the essential tools needed by the Online English teacher? Well, always remember that YOU are the main resource! But here’s an infographic that shows you a few things that can help you do an even better job!  

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Why teach online?

English teachers have been supplementing their income by taking on private students for as long as there have been private students. Teachers usually do this because their income from teaching English in a school is so low. When you teach

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